Friday, June 3, 2011

The Adams Family is blessed again!

I have both of my children (boy that sounds weird) napping, so i have to make the most of my time right? Maybe I should I be napping too, but this 4 hours a night thing hasn't been too bad:-) I am happy to announce that Jason and I rocked our worlds one more time with the arrival of Nash Jason Adams on May 25th, 2011. He came at 3:11a.m. He weighed 8 pounds and was 20 1/2 (really 21) inches long. He has this cutest head of dark hair, that I'm sure will eventually go blonde:-( Of course, like Wynter, my little man is jaundice and has been soaking up the rays on his little tanning bed the last couple days. However, I think that is the safest place for him to be these days. Wynter is adjusting, I'm sure it will take some time;-) She loves looking at him but eventually it turns into poking and patting (a little too hard) and trying to lift the baby up. She is learning the art of a good tantrum and I'm hearing the word baby and no a lot these days. The saddest part is how fast this is making Wynter grow up. The day I brought Nash home, Wynter does not look the same to me. I have a "big girl" now...well kinda. I almost hate getting her dressed or doing her hair because it makes her look so much older. I'm so excited to survive this year and see my 2 little ones grow to be close friends. I can't believe how much my life has changed in the last 3 years. I asked Jason the other night that if he realized that i've been pregnant for 18 months out the 3 years we've been married! That's half the time!!! He assured me that he does realize that. Ha Ha!!!

My first time meeting my new boyfriend! I loved him instantly!

Not too sure if Wynter did though. This moment will stay in my heart forever though. She was so unsure but soft the first time she met her little brother. She will be a very helper one day.

And this picture right here sums up what my life is about! Love!

K, so I don't think Wynter and Nash look anything alike really. However, this pic (not the best quality) looks a LOT like Wynter's birth announcement.

Look at all that hair! He was born with a faux hawk.

My boys!
Jason has been so great and busy playing with (distracting) Wynter, moments like this don't come easy.

The best part about this pic is the way he is holding his hands if the guitar on his shirt was the other direction. Awesome!

Lets see, this makes number 18 for my parents. Grandpa loves that Nash evened out the head count for boys and girls with the grand kids. 9 and 9!

Just another moment to hold dear!

Umm...need I say more.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring is finally here...well kinda!

It had been a REALLY LONG winter. And just like I, Wynter was feeling couped up. This was the first day we saw a glimpse of the sun and decided to take advantage of it and go to the park. She had a lot of fun on the swings and slide, but we may have jumped the gun a bit. That night Wynter had a fever of 104 and got the sickest I had seen my little girl get. Broke my heart!

Since then...Wynter got a taste of the great outdoors and pretty much insists on being outside everyday. Sadly, we get like one nice day followed by 4 rainy crappy days. We just pray one day it will warm up for good. Sure does make life with a one and half year old easier:-) This is at our favorite park the Whittier Center.

Wynter got some bubbles for Easter and was very excited to share and play with 2 of her cousins, Emily and Davis

One of my favorite things about Spring is Baby Animal Days. We just keep our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate. Wynter has taken a real liking to Jason's dog Baxter. She loves him, and pets him, and feeds him treats, and follows him around constantly yelling Hey! I was excited to see her with the other animals to see if she would have any interest in them. She didn't disappoint.

Miss independent pretty much insists on walking everywhere on her own now. 2 minutes prior, Jason commented how well she had been walking and hadn't fallen in the mud. Way to jinx us babe!

As many of you may know, I am less than willing to have to have my picture taken while pregnant. This is Jason's FAILED attempt to cover my big butt so we could get a family picture.

I know I know, it happened twice in one day. I had to cooperate though to document this historical event though. Never again will all three of the us be pregnant together at the same time:-)

These are some pretty cute kids. Halle was there too, but like me, is camera shy. Can't believe in just about 7 more months there will be 3 new cousins.

This little girl loves her daddy!

I think the baby cows were her favorite!

I just had to throw this one in too. Easter Sunday Wynter fell on the sidewalk and got her first scratches on both knees. It was very sad for both of us. I dreaded this day and I'm know there are many more to come. Oddly, she didn't want any band-aids on them. I thought all kids loved band-aids. I had Hello Kitty ones ready just for this day and she wouldn't let me put them on. For the next couple days everytime you would change her she would see her boo boos and tell you about them and fake cry.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Fun has started!

Let the fun begin! In true Adams' family tradition Thanksgiving ended and next thing you know we are having the Adams Family Christmas Party. We went down to Magna with the whole crew. We were sad that Grandma Adams couldn't make it, but we understand. After the party we went to the lights on Temple Square. A little cold, but a lot of fun. I can't wait til Wyn really enjoys the lights.

Yes it's true, I did it. My first year decorating ANYTHING! I figured we better get a tree this year so Wynter would start to understand and know what Christmas is all about;-) It's been fun though, it really does bring the Holiday spirit into our home.

Christmas morning at our home. Wynter was so excited when she saw her new slide. She was a little apprehensive at first but now thinks she is pretty much invincible. She was excited when Grandpa and Gramma came to see her too.

The Christmas party with the Taylors is always a lot of fun. Grandma Hansen, Melissa, Natalie and I all matched so we just had to take a cute picture.

This was at the Adams house opening presents. I just love the excitement on Wynter's face!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My little girl is 1!

Wow, what a day that was! I can't believe my Wynter turned 1 already! I say this a lot, but man oh man time really does just fly by. We had a lot of fun with all our awesome family on both sides all squeezed into our front room. Wynter was a bit bewildered by it all. She was so lucky to have so many show up who love her. I was looking back on my blog and got teared up just with so many memories of her over the year changing and growing and learning. I really do remember bringing her home. She has brought so much love and joy and purpose to my life, I thank our Heavenly Father every night for letting us raise her.

We had a Owl themed party. It turned out really cute. Karly made this adorable little owl cake just for her to dive into. She didn't really dive into it per say, but kinda picked and picked at it. But man she loved it!

Not too bad huh? I've seen worse damage after the cake eating.

I just thought this picture was so cute of Wynter surrounded by some of her older cousins. She sure does look up to them already and thinks they are so cool!

Do we look like proud parents!?

Yes, she got spoiled. I think the party wore her out. By the time we finished opening presents she started waving good-bye and blowing kisses to everyone like she had had enough. A 3 hour nap followed.

Thank you again to everyone! You made it a special day with some great memories for us to share with her as she gets older.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I know I've been MIA...but where has the last 6 months gone!?

I do realize it has been a long time. Looking back at my last post I can't believe how much Wynter has changed yet again. She is just my little girl now...and I'm desperately trying to keep her my baby. Wynter is going to be 1 in just a few days and the feeling is bittersweet to me. How did the time fly by so fast? It has been so much fun! She is just an absolute JOY to Jason and I everyday!

As many of you know I have gone back to work, just part time, but that is my excuse for falling behind on the updates. But I do have some big ones to make! I'm working at Wells Fargo part time as the Area President's assistant. To my surprise I'm actually really liking it. I work with great people and the work is pretty easy, fun and NOT STRESSFUL! It's a perfect fit for me. It gets me ready and out of the house for the day, lets me interact with adults, and then I'm completely stoked to have the whole rest of the day to spend with Wynter. Wynter has really enjoyed it too! I am so luckily to have so much help from family. Between my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-laws I know that Wynter is being taken care of and loved. She loves playing with her cousins and I'm excited to see the relationship she forms with others. You'd think it would be sad when she reaches for other people, but it is such a comfort to me that she loves them and feels safe with them.

I don't know how he does it sometimes, especially now that it is getting cold, but Jason has been shuffling jobs driving to Idaho, Wyoming and Bear Lake working his little tail off. I am so grateful for him and what a hard worker he is. I am also grateful that recently he has been working not just In-town...but down the street from us. Wynter gets so excited to see her dad and all the funny things he does.

Jason and I are super excited but probably a little freaked out too to be expecting our 2nd child in May. I always wanted my kids close together to have it really happen makes me think..."what was I thinking?" LOL! Well it's a little too late for that now. I think it will be a little nutz for a bit, but how much fun will that be to have them such close friends. Well, that's what I pray for everyday anyway.

So these pictures are pretty random and not the best quality. I'm pretty limited while I'm at work. He! He! But hopefully it will hold you over. I'm excited to post pics of Wynter's birthday party and all the fun we will have during the holidays. Happy Holidays everyone!

We attempted a little family shoot.

We did our best to try and get some fall shots of the kids. Weird how they turned out best when the mom's were in the picture.

My little bug was a lady bug for Halloween (store bought)
Ben on the other hand was this adorable monster (Designer Karly made)

Wynter had a lot fun going to all the pumpkin walks.

The next pics are just funny moments I've happen to capture on my phone.

This is the only way I can get anything done in the kitchen

Wynter helped me tell my family that we were having another baby.
Look at this cute onesie that Karly made her.
Wynter thinks she is such a big girl in her new ride. She loves riding in the car. She does this silly fake laugh the whole time.

This was just Sunday dinner at the Adams, but I thought the pic was hilarious because of Wynter's face.